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    Forensic Construction Defect Investigation

    Arden Services has the structural expertise to manage the investigation and design the fixes, the construction expertise to estimate and allocate the costs, and the expert witnesses to support you if you need to go to trial, mediation, or arbitration. We can even oversee the remediation.

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    Bid Packages Designed

    By strategically planning and developing individual bid packages and identifying qualified specific likes and needs of the owner and the components of the work, the Arden Team will be able to deliver the highest value in the current market conditions while maintaining the standard of quality and efficient schedule required. Together with the past experience of our management team, we believe this approach will cultivate the most interest, and provide the most benefit to the Owner.

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    Construction Budgets

    Whether you’re renovating or adding to an existing location, or constructing an entirely new one, properly planning for a construction project is a tremendous undertaking.

    There’s no way to be 100 percent prepared for the realities of a construction project. Contractors may encounter changes in site conditions and need to adjust plans, or there might be sudden shortages in important building materials. But that shouldn’t stop you from making your plan as watertight as possible. At Arden Services, we cover all aspects and research conditions.

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    Construction Design

    Arden Services truly represents how ingenuity and effort makes your project possible. Arden’s talented staff strive to make possible the impossible. Our team resolves challenges, rather than sacrificing a superior build or jeopardizing important timelines. This is the Arden method and why our customers work with us repeatedly. There is no challenge that Arden can’t overcome.

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    Environmental & Product Testing

    In depth testing of products, domestic water, air, soil and radon.

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    Consultations & Solutions

    Arden Services, provides a wide range of commercial / industrial methods to resolve problems in structure and systems With skilled professionals providing expert solutions and designs services, we bring expertise and solutions to protect and enhance our clients’ commercial and industrial properties.

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